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I Have a Small Worm Farm and Want to Learn More


February 3, 2022

I have spent several hours with Mary Green and have learned a lot about composting I have a small worm farm and want to learn a lot more.


Answer by WR:  It's good to know of your interest and that you have a worm farm. We offer free worm classes fairly often.  Please keep an eye on our class schedule (see Classes under Activities in our website menu). Right now we don't have one scheduled until June, but we add new classes frequently.  (Maybe you can talk Mary into offering another one.  Perhaps an intermediate or advanced class. :) We also have some online worm classes (see Online Classes under Resources in our website menu). I will forward this to our founder and outreach coordinator.  He may have other ideas. Keep up the good work.

Answer by JZ:  Great that you want to learn more about worm composting. Follow the link for the recorded worm classes which WR sent to you. Continue to practice, research, read. Sam McCarthy from Santa Fe has an informative website:

Continue to send us any particular / specific questions you may have:

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